DeWALT Flexvolt

XR FLEXVOLT is a range of 54V power tools that offer runtime and performance which has never been seen before – for the first time, professionnal tradesmen can reliably undertake heavy-duty construction applications without the need for mains power. This innovation means that you can have 54V power across a whole range of tools without […]

Portable Induction Heater

The new portable induction heater TWIM 15 from SKF uses medium-frequency technology to heat up roller bearings as well as other ring-shaped, metallic components. This innovative device heats the bearing mounted with an interference-fit onto a shaft, generating up to a 90°C temperature difference between the bearing and shaft, causing the bearing to expand. This […]

Load sensing bearings with fiber optic sensors

Designers can accelerate the design cycle by analysing bearing loads quickly and accurately thanks to the addition of fiber optic based SKF’s Load Sensing Bearings – for pumps and compressors SKF releases the world’s first commercial load sensing bearing based on its proprietary fiber optic sensing technology. A technology, as earlier announced, being part of […]