Portable Induction Heater

The new portable induction heater TWIM 15 from SKF uses medium-frequency technology to heat up roller bearings as well as other ring-shaped, metallic components.

This innovative device heats the bearing mounted with an interference-fit onto a shaft, generating up to a 90°C temperature difference between the bearing and shaft, causing the bearing to expand. This solution eliminates the need to use force, thereby facilitating the installation process.

Featuring two power settings, the electric TWIM 15 can heat sensitive components at a slower pace. In addition, a non-bearing power configuration is possible where most of the power is focused on the bore of the component.

The TWIM 15 is manufactured from glass-fiber, high temperature-resistant plastic. This smart construction combined with operating software produces a low temperature difference between the bearing’s inner and outer rings. This reduces internal tensions generated by excessive thermal expansion of the inner ring compared to the outer ring.

This robust construction material, together with the medium-frequency technology, makes the heater lightweight and noise-free; heat readings are conveniently displayed on a LED control panel. This user-friendly control panel also indicates when the TWIM 15 is operational, regulates temperature and does not requiring any special training.

The flat shape of the induction plate removes the need for a support yoke which allows for a variety of components to be heated on the plate. Furthermore, this versatile design reduces the number of required accessories.

Recently introduced to the Sub-Saharan African market, the TWIM 15 portable induction heater from SKF is easy to transport and store thanks to the practical built-in handle.