Spanjaard Air Duster

Last year Spanjaard launched its all new Air Duster.

Air Duster is formulated specifically to meet the demands of the market for a high pressure gas for cleaning dust and other contaminants from inaccessible areas. The product was designed as a solution to cleaning difficult-to-reach areas of sensitive electronic and electrical equipment including office equipment, circuit boards, printers and keyboards. It is safe on plastics and with most materials used in printed circuit board fabrication and contains no ozone depleting substances. Air Duster is also available in a non-flammable version for industrial use.

Spanjaard has specialised in the manufacture of aerosol products across many industries for almost 60 years and continues to deliver an extensive and specialised range of products for home, office, workshop, industry, marine, mining, outdoor, automotive and many more applications.

Air Duster and Air Duster Non-Flammable is available in a 300ml and in a 300g aerosol respectively (2 x 6 shrink packs per carton per product)